About HVAC Investigators

The heritage of HVAC Investigators is simple; we recognized the need for specialized investigation of HVAC equipment for insurance carriers. Prior to our service offering, claims for HVAC equipment were settled between carriers and their policyholders…without an investigation of the true cause of damage, potential for repairability, verification of market pricing and accounting for like kind and quality. We made the conscious decision to focus exclusively on HVAC and refrigeration investigations, with the intention of closing the gap between the status-quo and a standardized process for addressing these types of claims.

In our quest to help insurance carriers better understand the cost and complexity of HVAC claims, we developed a proven methodology to take the guesswork out of these types of claims. Our detailed assessments provide insurance carriers with the ability to settle HVAC and Refrigeration claims quickly, using our objective, comprehensive and actionable recommendations. HVAC Investigator’s service allows adjusters to close pending files faster, enabling them to be more efficient and productive.

HVAC Investigators provides the skills necessary to investigate unique and complex HVAC claims and provide carriers with a way to reduce the cost of, or increase the accuracy of, HVAC claims. In doing so, we fight fraud and bring the insured back to pre-loss condition.


HVACi’s subject matter expertise spans across all types of residential and commercial HVAC manufacturers. We know HVAC and Refrigeration equipment…it’s our specialty. Regardless of the damage type we’ve got you covered. Let us help you settle your Residential or Commercial claims using the facts. HVACi proudly offers Onsite Inspections and iCheck Desktop Claim Reviews, for both residential and commercial claims.

Onsite Inspections and iCheck Desktop Reviews take the guess work out of claims evaluations.

What Makes HVACi Different

Our sharp focus on responsive customer service, streamlined claims, and field data technology, result in 60% faster turnaround times. Every member of our team plays an objective role in the claims process, and is committed to providing accurate, timely, and fact based reports.

In addition to providing detailed damage assessments regarding what was damaged. Our findings are actionable, as we can always refer a local company for the repairs/installation of equipment for the recommended settlement amount.

Certified Technicians

HVACi’s technicians are the foundation to our industry-leading service. Our rigorous selection process takes into account field experience, technical certifications, state licensing and an exhaustive background check. Once on board, our specialists are held accountable for keeping their diagnosis skills sharp and up-to-date through continuing education programs. HVACi’s technicians have the wide skill set to investigate many types of equipment failure. Our services help carriers determine whether the damage occurred from lightning, surge, smoke, water, or wear and tear- using the most highly rated industry techniques in the procedures.