HVAC Claims Solutions


As one of the more intensive and costly claimed equipment types, HVAC and refrigeration systems require a solution with the highest level of objectivity, speed, and accuracy. HVAC Investigators (HVACi), our refrigeration systems claims solutions brand, is a leading provider of all-in-one claims assessments and desktop pricing review options for insurance carriers. 

Leveraging our extensive in-field network, proven processes, and engineering best practices, we produce objective, timely, and actionable damage reports for insurance carriers. These resources provide extensive benefits such as faster cycle times and fair settlement amounts, increased report accuracy, maintaining policyholder satisfaction, and indemnity leakage prevention.

We strive to provide a solution that takes the guesswork out of the decision-making process for claims involving HVAC and refrigeration equipment. Resolving and closing pending claims with better speed and accuracy benefits all involved – allowing insurance carriers to be more efficient and productive, and helping those filing the claim to get a resolution without the typical back-and-forth difficulties. This is why we have become a trusted ally for many of the nation’s leading property and insurance carriers.