About StrikeCheck

Every year, insurance carriers settle property claims involving electronics for hundreds of millions of dollars. Before StrikeCheck, these claims were often settled with little or no investigation into the true cause of the damage, potential for repair, or determining the current market value of the items. In the fulfillment of our mission – to help insurance carriers better understand the cost and complexity of claims involving electronics – StrikeCheck developed a proven methodology to take the guesswork out of settling these types of claims.

Using our standardized and streamlined investigative process, StrikeCheck has been able to minimize turnaround time, without negatively affecting data quality. Our comprehensive reports allow carriers to close pending files more quickly, improve their efficiency, and increase policyholder satisfaction.

StrikeCheck provides carriers and their adjusters with an objective extension of their teams to produce reports based on the facts.


Whether your commercial policyholders have a complex datacenter outage down due to a loss event, or your residential customers had their home stereo equipment damaged by lightning, rest assured StrikeCheck has you covered. Let us help you settle your Residential, Commercial and Specialty claims quickly and objectively, using our expert team of electronics specialists and streamlined claims operations process. StrikeCheck offers Onsite Inspections and Desktop Claim Reviews for claims nationwide.


When your insured’s consumer electronic equipment fails due to a weather related or electrical event, we understand “the heat is on” to settle their claim quickly. StrikeCheck’s deep expertise in consumer electronics (including all computer equipment, televisions, stereo equipment, home security systems and appliances) provides insurance carriers the objective information they need to bring their insureds back to pre-loss condition. Our services help you determine how the damage occurred using the most highly rated techniques and best practices.


Your insured’s businesses rely on complex computer systems, network equipment, data centers, audio/video systems and complex database management systems as fundamental aspects of their operation and revenue. StrikeCheck’s technicians have deep technical skills to diagnose equipment for potential repairability and where to source replacement equipment fast – at market cost. Our goal is to help you settle commercial claims quickly so that your insured’s business can get back up and running immediately.


Never heard of the equipment your insured has filed a claim against? You’ve come to the right place. StrikeCheck’s Specialty Technician Division covers all of the electronics and equipment that do not fall under typical Residential or Commercial categories. StrikeCheck technicians stand ready to investigate medical, construction and broadcasting equipment claims, among others. Specialty Equipment is a primary focus of StrikeCheck and we are committed to providing accurate, timely, and fact-based reporting for these type of claims.