At CCG IQ, we believe that doing the right thing is important, and we keep our promises to our customers and to our employees. Our commitment to integrity is a foundational part of our culture that extends to every aspect of our business.

Learning From Our Mistakes

We understand that mistakes are inevitable in any organization, and it’s our firm belief that it’s how we deal with them that defines us. Acknowledging missteps is hard work and takes a high level of reflection and humility. Rather than covering up our errors, we admit when we’re wrong and focus on ways that we can be better and improve our processes. As a company focused on delivering an exceptional customer experience, we keep our eyes trained on the big picture and use our mistakes as valuable learning experiences.

Conducting business with integrity

Focusing on Incremental Change

A key part of our continual development is recognizing that the right way to conduct business is not always the easy or the convenient way. We don’t believe in shortcuts, and instead take incremental steps toward greater change. To achieve this, we reinforce the idea that every decision we make — large or small — should be approached with integrity in mind. By making the act of doing the right thing a daily habit, we’re able to achieve meaningful long-term growth that is deeply ingrained in our culture and in our services.

CCG IQ’s Philosophy of Doing the Right Thing

We are unwavering in our pledge to be honest and trustworthy, for our customers and our employees. By practicing integrity at every level of our company, we ensure that we treat people with respect and consistently improve our business practices. If you’re a hardworking team player and want to join us, check out our open positions and apply!