At CCG IQ, we know that happy employees lead to happy customers. And a fun work environment creates happy employees. We’re in the business of handling property insurance claims — not what people typically think of as a “fun” industry.  So we are committed to creating a fun place to work, — though we don’t like to brag , we’re actually really good at it.

We’re passionate about meeting the challenge of making our office a fun place where we all work hard and play hard. That’s why we’ve developed in-office challenges and established activity committees made up of employees of all levels and across different departments dedicated to maintaining a fun work environment.

Friendly Office Competition

We love to turn everyday work situations into fun challenges. Statuses of these contests are displayed prominently throughout the office. We think this makes daily tasks more exciting. Additionally, throughout the year, we have NCAA tournament bracket challenges, fitness contests, costume contests, and other friendly competitions. There’s something for everyone to enjoy!

We’re also currently in the process of building an awesome break room, which will feature a Ping-Pong table and Golden Tee! Stay tuned to see how this adds to our fun, competition-filled office environment.

Core values - fun work environment - halloween costume contest

The winners of last year’s Halloween costume competition, Average Joes vs. Globo Gym

Social Committee

Our social committee is second to none at planning both in-office activities (such as potluck lunches, Halloween parties, Christmas lunches, and other seasonal events) and after-work events. We all love celebrating success with company happy hours. It allows people to get to know each other outside the office and to spend time with other CCG IQ employees they don’t work closely with. Sometimes, we just get together for food and drinks at a nearby restaurant. Other times, we might go bowling, play billiards, or go to a Knights game. Whatever the reason for the activity, our social events rank among the top reasons employees love working here at CCG IQ.

Having fun at our annual Christmas lunch and ugly sweater competition 

Sports Committee

Our sports committee organizes team fitness activities for team-building and to help us all stay in shape! Whether it’s playing together on a kickball team or running a 5K together, we love fun events that help our professional team stay active.

Creating a fun work environment - CCG team at Flywheel

Some of our team having fun staying active at a Flywheel class 

Philanthropy Committee

It is very important to us at CCG IQ to give back to our community. Our philanthropy committee organizes volunteering opportunities for our employees to make it simple for us all to be socially impactful individuals. Each year, employees volunteer together at the Charlotte Rescue Mission. We also conduct various donation drives throughout the year for both local organizations and disaster relief.

Core values - fun work environment - Volunteering

A group of CCG IQ team members volunteering at the Charlotte Rescue Mission

CCG IQ Philosophy of Fun

We believe that people who really enjoy their workdays, like working with their co-workers, and stay physically active are more energized, motivated and provide better quality of service. Our track record as a customer-experience-focused company proves that this approach really works, so we’re going to keep having fun. If you want to join us, be sure to check out our open positions and apply!

Core values - fun work environment - Happy hours